Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Space Machine

Space1 has invented the Space Machine. Previously under wraps and known as code name Black Box, the new SM machine is the only machine that has the capability to alter rocket time. This is essentially a pure referential form of time travel, referential to the time base of the rocket, as the flow of time is altered in ways to speed up time, slow down time, or stop time.

The Space Machine is split into several discrete modules that perform various rocket and astronaut related duties. 

The RTM Referential Time Machine is interfaced as a module to the SM along with other modules to handle weightlessness, G-forces, vibration, sound, optics, and other sensory data.

The SM includes a the first Space Komputer - i.e. the heart of the Space Machine is the Space Komputer. KOSMOS handles space time, rocket parameters and it collaborates with the rocket flight computer.